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OCEA Student Certificates




 It is with great pleasure that the Ontario Cooperative Education Association (OCEA) offers (2) two versions of the OCEA Student Certificate of Achievement to their members – (1) one for Cooperative Education and (1) one for Experiential Learning. OCEA provides the Student Certificate of Achievement for their members to acknowledge and present to (2) two worthy recipients in their Cooperative Education and/or Experiential Learning school programs.

Please note, however, that THESE STUDENT CERTIFICATES OF ACHIEVEMENT ARE NOT AWARDS and should not be represented as such to post-secondary school officials, students, parents and/or placement supervisors. Rather, the Student Certificates allow you, the educator, to acknowledge exemplary student success in their secondary school Cooperative Education and/or Experiential Learning program in a formal manner.


The OCEA Student Certificates of Achievement are available on-line ONLY in the Members’ Only Resource section. The certificates are provided in an interactive PDF format. OCEA members can download the PDF file from the Members’ Only Resource section, insert the student’s name, add the date and print to present to their student. OCEA members are instructed to print (2) two copies per school year (i.e. September 1, 2021 - August 31, 2022).

The (2) two worthy recipients should be students who excel both in their placements as well as in their in-school program component. Schools often set their own criteria for determining who will receive these certificates, but the following should be considered when selecting the (2) two recipients:

Curriculum Expectations:

  1. Meets and/or exceeds the Cooperative Education and/or Experiential Learning pre-placement and integration curriculum expectations
  2. Meets and/or exceeds the related course curriculum expectations
  3. Meets and/or exceeds the Rich Task expectations

Learning Skills:

Meets and/or exceed the Ministry of Education learning skills and the employer’s workplace expectations related to:

  • Responsibility
  • Organization
  • Independent Work
  • Collaboration
  • Initiative
  • Self-Regulation

Other Considerations:

A worthy recipient(s) is a student ambassador for your school. Through responsible behaviour and actions, the student exemplifies the qualities most becoming to an individual who will succeed in direct entry into the workforce, apprenticeship opportunities or post-secondary education. Whether in the classroom or at the placement, the student is deemed a positive contributor and aspires to do each task to the very best of their ability.

The Ontario Cooperative Education Association (OCEA) is grateful to school and board administrators for the attention given and for recognizing the importance of the Cooperative Education and/or Experiential Learning programs within our educational system.