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A Pathway to Success
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A Pathway to Success
A Pathway to Success

Capturing the Student Voice©

Capturing the Student Voice©“ is an electronic journal that includes success stories written by students from across Ontario who participated in the Cooperative Education program and other forms of Experiential Learning (OYAP, SHSM, etc.) in their high school. These stories describe their placement experience, the tasks they had to complete, challenges overcome and the benefits they derived. Thank you for taking the time to read these inspiring stories and maybe even share yours!

Do you have a student who would like to share their success at a placement? We are always looking for stories in the following areas:

  • Dual-Credit and Co-op
  • Successful OYAP / Co-op
  • Successful SHSM / Co-op
  • Successful Special Ed. Co-op (non-earning credits)
  • Successful Co-op


  1. Submit student(s) story(ies) by May 31st (annually) via email to
  2. Ensure the article is no more than 350 words in length.
  3. Teachers’ are requested to edit students’ article(s) for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc.
  4. Submit one picture of the student at their placement (high-resolution (300 dpi) jpg format).
  5. Complete and submit the OCEA PHOTO-MODEL RELEASE FORM  for the picture(s) submitted.