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A Pathway to Success
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A Pathway to Success
A Pathway to Success
Designing for Success
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 2:48 PM

A Resource for Effective Planning and Implementation of the Cooperative Education Program and Other Forms of Experiential Learning, 2020

Message from the Ontario Cooperative Education Association (OCEA)

“Designing for Success 2020” was created with OCEA’s mission statement clearly in mind. It is intended to offer useful ideas and resources for cooperative education teachers, experiential learning leads, including OYAP coordinators, SHSM and SCWI leads and teachers, guidance counsellors, student success teachers and administrators as they work together to create and deliver experiential learning programs throughout the province.

This document replaces “Designing for Success 2009”, in order to incorporate the new policy and curriculum expectations presented in “The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 11 and 12: Cooperative Education, 2018”. Principals, Cooperative Education and other experiential learning teachers will find this resource useful as a guideline for their own programs, and boards will also find it helpful when establishing policies and procedures for the ever-expanding forms of experiential learning being offered all across Ontario.

The Ontario Cooperative Education Association owes a huge debt of gratitude to our writing and translation team, Lise Paulin and Brigitte Sharp-Ménard. They have worked tirelessly to update and improve the content of the original document, ensuring it adheres to the new curriculum and provides practical support to experiential learning educators in Ontario.

Examples, charts, strategies, appendices, and forms have been developed to illustrate effective practices. They are intended to serve as guides or sources of inspiration to teachers and are therefore neither mandatory nor exhaustive.

We hope that this document will be a resource you return to time and again, as you work to provide meaningful experiential learning opportunities for your students.

Barbara Omland 
OCEA Chair 2019–2021