MySafeWork Courageous Broadcast 2020POSTED: April 21, 2020 | TOPIC: Health and Safety

NOTE:  This Broadcast is Available in English Only

MySafeWork is excited about releasing the online Courageous Broadcast 2020 on April 27, 2020. We anticipate that the Courageous Broadcast 2020 will engage 250,000 students, teachers, professors and employees across Ontario, Canada and USA. There is no cost.

Courageous Broadcast 2020
 will challenge the next generation to join a bigger vision for safety in our communities and in the workplace. Each classroom will study a business case study that asks the question “What makes a really good workplace”. We look at 10 categories including: Communication, Personal Coaching, Safety Culture, Mental Stress, Wellness, Family, Innovation, Community, Friendship, and Leadership Integrity.


Each school will be provided with a study guide for teachers. We only ask that your schools register online at:  Mysafework.com/Courageous

Thank you for leading the way to a safe future in Canada and the world. We hope you enjoy the opening 5 minutes of the Courageous Broadcast 2020.


Rob Ellis, Founder & President