Thanks to the Ministry of Education, a dynamic writing team and collaboration with GTACEA, OCEA is excited to launch some newly developed resources that will help to support Cooperative Education teachers with the new Co-op curriculum (2018) and the instructional challenges they are facing during COVID-19.

Designing for Success 2020
An updated resource for Effective Planning and Implementation of the Cooperative Education Program and Other Forms of Experiential Learning. This document replaces “Designing for Success 2009”, in order to incorporate the new policy and curriculum expectations presented in “The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 11 and 12: Cooperative Education, 2018”. Examples, charts, strategies, appendices, and forms have been developed to illustrate effective practices. They are intended to serve as guides or sources of inspiration to teachers and are therefore neither mandatory nor exhaustive.

Virtual and Blended Cooperative Education
In collaboration with GTACEA, this resource was developed to assist Learners, Educators and Employers gain a better understanding of what Virtual and Blended Cooperative Education can look like.

The Final 30% Project – COVID-19 and Beyond
This resource was created by GTACEA in collaboration with OCEA to assist Cooperative Education teacher in their course planning.