S. J. Jack Ulan Professional Contribution Award

This award is presented annually to individuals who have distinguished themselves by making an outstanding contribution to Cooperative Education and other Forms of Experiential Learning over a number of years.

A maximum of 5 (five) S. J. “Jack” Ulan Professional Contribution Awards may be presented annually.

Submissions must be completed on the Professional Contribution Awards template, which is available on the website at www.ocea.on.ca. In addition, a maximum one-page typed summary should be included to further support your nomination. When nominating an individual for this award, please keep in mind the example(s) for each of the criterion can be used only once. If one example meets several criterion, clearly make the connection.

For example: Conference Participation
• Conference Presenter (Professional Instruction)
• Conference Chair (Leadership)
• Conference Planning Team Member (Organization)
• Conference Reviewer for the OCEA News (Contributor to professional publication)

The nominee should meet the following criteria:

  1. Has created new and beneficial cooperative education/experiential learning ideas and techniques for professional use that are aligned with Ministry policy, e.g., creating professional resources, developing report card comments, developing strategies and tools for assessment and evaluation, etc., and has communicated these ideas in workshops/seminars.
  2. Has participated in cooperative education courses, either as a facilitator, guest speaker or additional qualifications candidate.
  3. Has provided local leadership in cooperative education/experiential learning by working actively with students, cooperative education/experiential learning teachers, administrators and/or Board consultants/coordinators.
  4. Has participated in cooperative education/experiential learning workshop/conference planning at the local, regional or provincial levels.
  5. Has supported OCEA activities at the local, regional and/or provincial levels.